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Krystle Lite Scotch


Praise for Krystle Lite Scotch

"I still have Scottie's daughter and almost everyone that comes to the farm wants to buy her. She is due to have her first foal in a couple of weeks. Anyway on one of the lists I am one someone brought up Sonny Dee Bar. I mentioned my Scottie filly and it really hit me that I would not mind having another" - Audra Pennebaker, Westphalia, KS

I was happy to find your website with more information about Krystle Lite Scotch, our horse's sire. Krystle Lite Scotch for sure passes on his shape because I know that my horse probably didn't get his shape from the EASY JET and BOSTON MAC side of his family. He probably didn't get his cute head and big soft eye there either!!!! We have used him all summer for extensive ranch work and he's been my Mr. Reliable. He has such a great disposition and is a wonderful horse to have in the barn. We've had the opportunity to own a lot of nice geldings and I'd have to say this horse has been one of my favorites. We have gotten a lot of miles and good use out of our gelding. His work ethic is a "10." Angela Mings, Columbia, MO

We got home with "Kip", which is what we call him. He is so beautiful in the field and so easy to work with. We can tell someone has really been kind and taught him well. Thanks for the opportunity to own what we feel like is a baby with a lot of potential! Keith Fowler, TN (Flash Me A Krystle)

"Gus" is actually doing great! Hes been in training with Gord Wadds for about 3 months now and is very willing and such a sweetie. I hope to bring him home in a month or so and trailer-in for weekly lessons from Gordy all winter long. My brother had high hopes for him as a rope horse but quickly learned that Gus liked me better (haha) so he is my new show prospect. I hope to show him in some quarter horse and open shows next year. I will keep you posted in his progress. Sincerely, Amanda Rinz

Krystle Lite Scotch: Thank you for letting us come see him! I just loved him. Corey & I decided that the one gray mare doesn't suit him, but our old gray mare would be a perfect match. I think that you can book us for next year for that mare. Marnie Taylor-Powell, Hutchinson, KS

Hi Kathryn, I am the current owner of Scotch Bar Twister. He has been a wonderful horse for my daughter and I. We have been successful with him in the Eastern Kansas Horseman's Assoc. In 2002 I rode him to hi-pt horse in the Ladies 18-45 W.P., and 2nd in Jr. W.P.. These were the only classes I showed him in. My 10 year old daughter rode him to 4th place finishes in W.P. and horsemanship. I believe he could easily go English, he matured to 16 hands, and in addition to the pitterpatter jog, he has a long sweeping extended trot. His lope does need some collection. I have worked with him very little, and what a shame. He needs someone who has the time to finish him! Wonderful disposition! - Chris Dietz, KS

My champagne mare foaled last Monday. It is a gray filly and she is the best foal the mare has ever produced. She has the most refined head I have ever seen in a QH foal. She also has a nice long hip. I hope to get some photos of the filly and send them to you. She is WOW. Everyone who has seen her picks her as the top prospect they have seen. She keeps improving too. - Audra Pennybaker, Westphalia, KS

I purchased a filly sired by this stallion from Ruth McFarland at a sale in Shawnee, Oklahoma October, 2000. I started her slowly and just last year put her with a trainer to finish for showmanship, western pleasure and pattern classes. My mare is riding great and my trainer is very excited about her coming show career. We took her out a couple times this year but plan to seriously show her in 2004. She is very athletic and most important very level headed and solid. Her legs are slow and she profiles nicely in the arena. -- Phyllis Averett, NC

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