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Praise for Seven S Chippendale

Kathryn- we are so happy! I think Frazier is, too. I think we may call his barn name, "Partner," but we haven't decided for sure- the children have some other very interesting suggestions(!) He arrived safely at 9:30 pm and I have been over to visit him numerous times since, at all odd hours. He is loving the attention. Today we groomed him for about an hour, and if horses could purr...He was perfect about having his hooves picked, and stood "ground tied " the whole time, watching my 4 year old daughter with great
curiosity. He has been just wonderful and we love him. He does learn very quickly, and he responds quickly and respectfully to "no", but it's nice that he's not a fearful horse, and very brave in all his new experiences. We've only had him for a day, and he's a big part of our family already. Thank you so much.

Paula Preschlack

Hi Kathryn, Kay Cee (Cash My Kay Cee Chip) is doing fine.I picked her up on friday in Amsterdam. The other horses were all sweating and very nervous but she wasn`t. She followed me to the trailer as she does it all the time. She is standing next to my Appi and they really like each other. She stand in the stable as she was here before. This is really cool. I thought she might be nervous but no way. I´ll send you some pictures the next day`s....and she doesn`t care about the blanked. Today I put her outside and when I called her she loped to me, like she knows me for a long time. I´m really happy! Thank`s
Panya Czersky-Hassan, Germany

i, Last spring we purchased Invitation for Chip aka Goose. My dad kept him for 2 months and did alot of round pen work and started riding him. He said he's the fastest, most patient and willing horse he's rode. When it started getting hot we brought him home and turned him out. We've been so busy and its been so hot we haven't done anything with any of the horses all summer. Last month was the Carter County Fair and my 10 yr old daughters horse was unable to compete. The week before my husband rode Goose at a team sorting practice and he did great, didn't spook at anything! My daughter rode him at home friday and he was a perfect gentleman. Against everything we know, we allowed her to show him at the fair the next day. I felt ill but Goose has never given or even offered to give us any trouble so we let our 10 yr old daughter ride a 2 yr old in a show. He was amazing, first time in an indoor arena (with us anyway) and he took everything in stride and performed like an old pro. The judges even came up and commented on what a wonderful horse he is, you should have seen their face when we told them he was 2! Destiny has competed at the county fair for 4 yrs and this was the first time she's won HIGH POINT!! This was also her first year to compete in the Junior age division. I don't have all her placings but she had mostly 1st, 2 - 2nds, and 2-4ths. The fourths were in western horsemanship (she broke the pattern but they were still able to place) and trail she opened the gate the wrong way and had to toss the rope over Gooses head! I just cannot say enough good things about him, we are all so happy to have him. We are putting him in Destiny's name and looking into taking her to a few local AQHA shows which will be a new experience for us. I'll attach a few pics of them at the show. Thank you for raising such wonderful horses, we are just so proud to own him!!!!!!!!!
Carrie Ogle, MO

he trainer is so impressed with how Dudley just seems to go along with what ever he is asked to do, he has never bucked or been a problem. Today was the first time Nathan asked Dudley to canter & he picked up his leads both ways, but what impressed them was the pretty way he moved. Dudley took after his mother and is short & stocky, but according to Ray he floats. Ray was so excited & impressed, he called me during lunch hour today to tell me about it. Just wanted to let you know what a sweet guy Dudley is.
Barb Swearingen, Fort Scott, KS

This Chip colt is truly fun to work with. He draws a crowd wherever we take him and they are shocked with they find out he is a stallion. He has yet to make a sound at a show. If they are as great as Zorro I want more including first choice on his little brother or sister next year. Glenda Bales, Elk City, OK

I purchased the mare "Dymond Maker Queen" last August in foal to Seven S Chippendale. The resulting foal is spectacular. The photo was taken at 3 weeks of age. He is a big correct colt, very flashy, super attitude, very inquisitive & intelligent. He leads, picks up and has feet trimmed by farrier, loads on trailer with or without mom. Just thought you'd like to see another of Chip's babies. Thanks for such a great colt, Amy Brannen, Brooklet, GA

I just purchased Baylee primarily because she is a 3/4 sister to Starter and we like Starter so well. We hope to have her ready to show some later this year also. Both of these horses are beautiful nice moving horses. My trainer things Baylee looks a lot like her sire. Jim Hughes, Merrill, IA

Your stallion produces beautiful babies with lots of white I like that it makes them flashy.
Sincerely, Lori Gregoire

I called you two years ago to tell you that I had bought This Chip Zips. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how he is doing. He is great! He still has a wonderful disposition. My trainer showed him in two recognized dressage shows. He received two blues from two classes at each show, with a high score of 70. We were very proud of him. -- Bobbie Konrad, Smithtown, NY

I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful horse this baby has turned out to be. I purchased him as a two year old from Lynn and Dan Riegle in October of 2002. I am a novice amateur and bought him at the advice of my trainer Wayne Raines. We turned him out until January and then started him working. Lynn and Dan had already started riding him and working him in trail. He is such a willing participate in anything you try with him. It is a honor each time I enter the show pen with him to be riding such a talented horse. He has never entered an arena yet and been afraid, he walks in as if he owns the place and says look at me. We are so pleased and look forward to future with him. Dawn Woodside, Lewisburg, Tennessee

Kathryn: It was a beautiful day today, so we saddled up Image, lunged him, and rode him in the riding arena and he was wonderful. We are very happy with him. He is so quiet. He went out in the pasture for the first time also today with 2 other quarter horse two year olds and got along real well. Just wanted to give you a quick update. Take care. -- Cindy McKinney, Youngsville, PA

Seven Bar Dancer (Buddy) made his debut today at a Fun Show. Our main goal today was to expose him to all the commotion of the show scene and I considered it a successful adventure. Nothing bothered him at all. Right now, it looks like he'll be a buttermilk or golden colored buckskin. A trainer who goes to a lot of buckskin shows, thinks he's leaning more towards buttermilk w/dark points. Whatever is true color is, he sure is going to be handsome. When my friend lead him into the arena, I overheard some spectators right next to me comment on his slender neck line, wishing their horses had such a thin neck. (they didn't know me or that I was the owner) -- Marilyn Johnson, Indiana

Here are the pictures of the Chippendale filly we have. We really like her. - Russell Mueller, Hope, KS

I'm glad you got the pics from Carol. The filly is changing so much but definitely for the better. She has become a little chunk with quite a hip and back leg and her neck is getting longer all the time. They are so pleased with her and she couldn't have a better personality. - Bonnie Herd, Mounds, OK

Thought I would update you on my Chip colt. Alleys colt is VERY nice and I did pay him up in the Incentive Fund. Here are a couple of pictures I took of Amber and her so far unnamed baby...he is 7 days tonight... As you can see he is very leggy I LOVE THIS COLT! I realize Im prejudice but I did do a video today so I could watch him move and when he wasn't playing I think he is going to be really cool. Linda Musil had a very nice filly out of the mare she bought from you! - Rhea Cheers, Cheney, KS

Weekend before last Starter had her first taste of being a big girl. She got the clippers used on her and got to get her first bath and trip to a horse show. She was amazing with the clippers. I did her legs, bridle path, ears and muzzle without so much as a head high and eyes wild look on her face. I mean I don't think I have ever had one take it so much in stride like that before. I was surprised and thrilled with her. By the time she was in the ring she would stand up and stand quietly and held her head nicely with ears forward and looked really good.. The judge told me 4 times... Man..this is a REALLY nice filly... She got 1st, needless to say. At her next show, she got 1st in the weanling/suckling class and then went on to win Reserve Champion horse over all breeds.. I was thrilled... When the judge walked up to me and shook my hand and told me congratulations she takes reserve I was like.... uh...thank you...thank you very much. She got 1st in the weanling/suckling class and then went on to win Reserve Champion horse over all breeds.. I was thrilled... When the judge walked up to me and shook my hand and told me congratulations she takes reserve I was like.... uh...thank you...thank you very much - Jeni Peck, KS

I bought the black mare from you at the sale last weekend in Gordyville (Rantoul). We have decided to call her "Sugar". I was very impressed, when in the pouring down rain; my non-horse daughter (the one that was with me) wanted to load Sugar into the trailer and she walked right in! I rode her last night for the first time and I think she will be perfect for us. She is very quiet and nothing seems to upset her. - Becky Gordon, Rantoul, IL

Hey Kathryn It's been awhile but I've been wanting to get in touch and let you know that the gelding you sold to Ronnie Cornelious in SW Oklahoma is just a few miles from me. I had told Ronnie about Chip and your gray stud a while ago and encouraged him to check out your web and give you a call. Well it wasn't until after he bought the gelding that I reminded him that I had recommended you so my suggestion didn't get him coming in your direction but I was happy that he finally found his way there. The gelding went to a good home. I saw him just the other day and he's a pretty cute guy. Acts great minded which didn't surprise me since I saw Chip when you were showing him. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that he went to a good home and he'll get him promoted some. - Sue Malena, OK

Hello, Well Andrew Krier is training Sly, and the new owners went ahead and entered him in the snaffle bit futurity! He wasn't broke at all when they picked him up, second week of Aug.! They gelded him before they got him home, and now they wished they hadn't. Andrew says this is the smartest colt he has ever ridden! - Deborah Arnold, KS

I just thought I'd send you an update on my little Chip guys. Both of the colts are big and nice looking. I really like the way they both move--they're real floaters. If I could change them, I'd like to make both their heads a little prettier and their throatlatches a little cleaner. I've noticed that about a lot of Zips Choc Chip horses, but I just watched the video of your horse again, and I think he's better than most of them. They're both incredibly sensible. They've been weaned, vaccinated, had their hooves trimmed, etc. and they've been champs about everything. - Teresa Slough, Ft. Collins, CO

Good Morning--I thought you would like to know that Melody (my sorrel mare) foaled yesterday. She had another blaze faced sorrel filly with white feet. Close, but no crop-out this time! She's very nicely put together and flashy. - David Scraper, Winfield, KS

Hi, Just wanted to update you on the colt, he has really filled out and is looking good. Lots of hip, good chest, and forearm. Love to watch him do his little lope, he is so smooth, just floats. Everyone thinks he is one of the prettiest babies we have had, being black/grullo colored with all the white, he sure does stand out. And he loves all the attention, nothing shy about him. - Barbara Swearingen, Ft. Scott, KS

I was in cleaning their run last night and Dee was loping circles around me. I am very pleased with her. I will definitely breed back next year though. I am very happy with Dee. Here are some pictures of our second filly. Her barn name is Harlie (after one of our daughter's teachers - will have the whole faculty at home soon). She is absolutely adorable. Will definitely have to breed back to Chip in the future. I want to keep one of the fillies. I already had an inquiry on Dee, but I set the price high - Wendy Sweigert, NC

YR Sonnys Sweet Sage finally foaled last night at about 7 pm. She had a sorrel filly with a big blaze and two socks. Not the buckskin I was hoping for, but a really nice filly. She has the longest legs, a cute short head, and a long neck. She is just a doll. -- Carol Billstrand -- IL

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we had a real cute bay stud colt. - Tim Humbarger, Salina, KS

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